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More Articles

Over the years, members of our community have written a variety of articles illuminating aspects of the More Philosophy and their experiences of living a communal lifestyle based on the concept of perfection.

Here are a few to start — we will continue to present papers & videos from our archives along with more current news.

The First Morehouse Perfection
Founders' Day
A Perspective
One no-vote
Horse Halitosis
Johnny Story Scarcity
Report on Sunday with Cindy: the Crimp Comments on Perfection and Lying
Gift of Time Pineawayalonia
How I Met Vic What is a Borange?
The First Coming Demonstration:
A Conversation with Diana
Vic, or Being Right is the Wrongest Thing I Do
Spirituality Choosing Your Family
SummerCamp 2010 Vic's Flash to perfection
What's a Groovy? The Evaluacy Course
The Waipuna Lounge - back in Leroy's day Mental Health in Community
Two Interviews with Cindy
A Poem for Vic
Three Perspectives On Intimacy in Community Aka & Da Kine Car
Conservation Two Levels of Awareness
Magnificent Obsession by Vic Baranco What's a Moresign?