-Things I've Heard Vic Say


For Your Love

Author unknown
For your love
For your unflagging attention
For your awareness, understanding and intense interest in the interests of every one of us
For your staunch adherence to the good
For your indomitable spirit in the face of pain, adversity, dissent, accident and attack
For your artistry
For your vision and demonstration that life is an opportunity for creation rather than a condition to be endured
For your exuberant style
For purple limos and maids and chauffeurs, Bossa-Nova and lawn-swing suits
For low-life dives and tropical isles, a nut farm, a night club a university, community
For children enriched by multiple role models
For pools and courts and rings and a heart-shaped lake
For art and music, old and new, golf carts and cabins and rocks in trees and Old Glory flying high
For your inexhaustible humor
For consistently keeping the funny side in view despite the tears of clowns
For never staying more than a joke away
For "Move out the chickens", "I lied", and "Do you have any Vaseline?"
For your consistency
For your relentless dedication to the contract of friendship
For unbounded loyalty, dependability, support, encouragement
For your selfless contribution of matter, energy, time and space
For your brilliance
For a curriculum for humanity the world has never known
For tumescence and peaking and don't lists, heat cycles and black lace, lion tamers, giraffe droppings and zorches
For Marks and want lists, mimicry and mockery,
For hexes, valences and blind-spot castration, Tuggy the tugboat, and sex, food and baubles
For demos and two-headed monsters and making soup
For Sing-sing and Ling Ling and the whole nine miles
For win-win and push-pull and "Are you Perfect?"
For C = Rc²
For your conception of a life beyond our furthest imaginings
For friends we would never have known, joys we would have never tasted, love we would never have shared.
For leisure and pleasure and wealth so abundant we all had our fill and more

You taught us to live and to give and to share
To feed and to clothe and to house and to care
And to fight for the right to do so
To love one another beyond gender, color, creed or age
To party, to play and to pay the asking price
To serve the world unselfishly and profit
And most of all to enjoy
For all of this we thank you

For more than this we thank you

Just as this life was inconceivable before meeting you, it is
now impossible to imagine it if we had never met

We are truly blessed and privileged to call you friend

With heartfelt gratitude and love forever

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