-Things I've Heard Vic Say



by Brian Shekeloff

We live in a culture where we have the widely-held view that nobody's perfect.

Why do we so readily agree that nobody's perfect? This resistance to the view of the perfection of mankind is based on the belief that life can't be perfect if there is bad in it, and we can't be perfect if there's bad in us. However, life consists of experiences and our evaluations of them, from good to bad. A life without value (good and bad) would be a life without caring, a life of complete indifference and sameness. A person without values would be a total sociopath. If there were no bad in us, our good deeds would be meaningless.

It is your judgments that are producing the world you experience - your judgments are creative and your life is the fruit of your judgments. A perfect life does not imply a life with only good in it. At first it may seem so, but a really interesting, exciting, meaningful life includes a full measure of good and bad. Perfection is not all good. Perfection is beyond good and bad - it includes both.

Believing the words "I am perfect" in the presence of doubt is just a matter of expanding your awareness and finding your doubt perfect. Maybe everyone is perfect - that doesn't mean they couldn't be better. In fact, their potential for improvement is an essential part of their perfection. Perfection includes the potential for change, and every perfect moment offers an opportunity for improvement. A perfection that can change is more perfect than one that cannot. A perfection that can expand is more perfect than one that is static. No matter how good things get, they could always be better. Vic Baranco would often remark, "I know things could get better than this, but I don't see how!"

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