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Report on Sunday with Cindy: the Crimp

Last fall we had the pleasure of presenting a new course, Sunday With Cindy: the Crimp. More than 80 people joined Cindy & Friends — Cindy, Alec, Marilyn & Kassy — at the Puhi Paka Waipuna Lounge at Lafayette Morehouse.

This is the latest presentation in the further development of the More Philosophy by Cindy Baranco. Based on the belief in the perfection of oneself and the world, Sunday With Cindy: the Crimp offered students viewpoints and tools to create even greater levels of pleasure, intimacy and fun which Cindy calls a "Technicolor life." No change is necessary to achieve this brilliant existence but it does require devotion to "eternal vigilance" and saying yes to the pleasure available in one's life.

Cindy described the phenomenon she names "the crimp". The crimp is a cultural filter we have over our brains that distorts our world view and colors our perceptions, making us think that we, other people and things are not perfect. From these warped perceptions, we then make faulty conclusions. The crimp is at the core of our loneliness and isolation. Shedding light on feelings of entitlement and obligation that negatively impact our experience of life and others gave us the opportunity to have them be tools rather than victimizations. In identifying the crimp and the triggers that activate it, we discovered ways to process it and to find greater self-expression and love.

The next day was the start of a six-week, on-line study group available to the students of the course. This forum included optional weekly assignments coupled with guidance and support from Cindy & Friends. Each week Cindy & Friends posted their responses to selected entries and offered the next week's suggested assignment.

Participants uniformly reported that they received great value from having a structured way to examine the everyday occurrences of their lives from new perspectives, resulting in more happiness for them and the people they relate with. It was also fun for everyone to have a way to keep in touch and compare notes, supporting each other in realizing a more Technicolor life.

Sunday with Cindy: the Crimp is available to view on video.