-Things I've Heard Vic Say



by Brian Shekeloff

The presupposition of scarcity results in behavior that predicates the very scarcity it seeks to avoid. 'Not enough to go around' leaves you in a position where, even if you have abundance, it seems in your best interest to limit your rate of consumption and reduce your pleasure by consuming in secret so that others are not tempted to participate in your good fortune.

If you are personally experiencing shortage, your anxiety to attain and your resentment of others who have what you lack only serve to effectively exclude you from gratification and provide you with further evidence that life is fundamentally an unfair proposition. If you reduce the outflow of good you will correspondingly reduce the inflow.

Consequently, if you're short, give; if you're broke, spend; if you're lonely, befriend somebody; and if you don't understand all this, explain it to someone.