-Things I've Heard Vic Say


Vic's flash to perfection

as told by Vic Baranco

I went through all the schemes, you know, all the systems. I played with Zen Buddhism. I did psychology to the hilt. I did religion. I did making money. I did playing football. And I did being a social butterfly. I did all the things that are supposed to get you right. And after doing them all and having what the society said should make you happy, which was like a good reputation in the business I was in, making money and having a family that was socially acceptable in every aspect of what socially acceptable is, I didn't find it that much fun.

Everything was supposed to be right. I was still feeling that there was emptiness. So one night Suzie was away for the weekend and I laid down here on the living room floor and I decided that, if the problems, the questions, the riddles about life were like the thought problems that I so often like to solve, then the answer would be someplace that was very obvious and something that I had passed over again and again. And again it would be something that was in plain view that I had missed. And that there was probably only one answer. And that all answers were contained in that one answer. If I could get to one ultimate answer that would be the answer to all problems.

I just assumed, I mean, I just decided that, for the sake of argument, to check it out and see if that wouldn't be right. So I decided to take any small problem and run it back to its prime source and if I were able to find a prime source on a small problem, then I would have the prime source to all problems. The whole thing looked to me like a sunburst. Like the answer was here and if I could take a little short road down to the answer on a small problem and find out the ultimate answer, that from that answer all the large problems would fan out. That one answer was the answer. So I took a problem, a very small problem. I don't remember what is was and I ran it down to prime. And I got the prime answer. I did it four or five times. Each time I got there, I passed it over because it looked too simple. Finally I got there and I said "wow! That is the answer." And so the answer I came up with I finally got and it did answer all those things and I've been checking out the answer ever since and that was like four years ago. And it hasn't failed yet. It's been consistently right.

You see what I found out is that I'm totally responsible for the universe, that I am totally responsible for the universe. I have total responsibility. Not that I let things happen in this universe but that all things happen in this universe because I designed them to happen that way. Because I have, not necessarily consciously, but I have done everything necessary to make these things happen this way. Do you understand that? And what I'm saying now is that you're responsible for the universe and you're responsible for the universe and you're responsible for the universe. Not for my universe, for the universe. Now you may be willing to accept that responsible aspect but where most people give me an argument is on the totality of the responsibility. I say you're totally responsible, without any other responsibility. I say that you are totally completely responsible for the universe, always have been and always will be.