-Things I've Heard Vic Say


The Moresign


The Moresign was designed by Vic Baranco and Kay Armstrong, an artist friend of his, in 1966. When you have a Presentation and admit to your perfection, you get the Moresign as a pendant to wear around your neck to remind you that you do know.

The symbol includes all the letters of the alphabet so it says it all! And the ends go beyond the circle just so that you can make the letter "Q".

Since the creation of the Moresign, various jewelers and artists have rendered the symbol in a variety of ways. When you see one, whether around your neck or someone else's, or in stained glass or some other medium, you can ask yourself the question, "Am I perfect?" The true answer is "Yes".

It all started with Vic's flash to perfection. He enthusiastically told people about it. Vic thought that if he told people the truth about their perfection and their total responsibility and got their heads above the clouds just once, they would know that they'd been to the truth and that there was someone else who knew they had been there. He thought that then, if they got foggy, they ought to be able to go back to seeing clearly. What happened though was that the students would get really happy, know they were really perfect, the world was really perfect, there was a God in His heaven and everything was right with the world. But after a while of being out in a world that said they were wrong and things were wrong, they'd lose the viewpoints and would be in trouble again.

So he started to get repeat customers who wanted to get to that happy place again. That hadn't been his intention so he started off by giving them the answer - whatever the answer was that was relevant to them - written on the back of this piece of gold tinfoil paper and said, "Now hold onto this. Put this in your dresser drawer, and when you forget the next time, get out this piece of paper. Read the piece of paper and it will put you back into that clean spot that you were in before."

They lost the paper; the dog ate the paper, whatever.

Vic gave up the gold paper and created Moresigns and had the Moresign made out of heavy gold. He called each one of his meetings a "Presentation." When a person had a Presentation, they'd get a Moresign, and hopefully they would wear it around the neck. That way they'd feel it, and every time they would soap up when they took a shower or when they would look in the mirror, they'd have to look at this gold thing, and that ought to remind them about perfection.

That worked only as well as it did, so Vic put together Mark Groups. They were meant to be support groups for the people who had heard the truth at one time, had been to the truth with him, and had been to the truth with other people. It was a place where they could get together during the week at someone's home and whatever was charged went to whoever was running the group. They would have coffee and donuts and invite their friends and Vic would visit from time to time. They wanted to invite their friends that hadn't had Presentations, so Mark Groups became open to all perfect people, whether they knew they were perfect or not.