Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


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What's the buzz about Saying Yes to Pleasure with Lab all about?

Cindy Baranco has harvested some of the attitudes, tools & techniques from her relationship with Vic and, in this course, provides a way for you to have that kind of meaning and love in your life, whether you are coupled or single.

Alec and Marilyn, Cindy's original case study, teach the course in close collaboration with Cindy. So in short, it's amazing!

Each of the first four weeks of the course are a section of the video of the original Saying Yes to Pleasure course (more on that below) - and class discussion and review of homework.

In the homework assignments you have a chance to practice the tools and attitudes and discover for yourself how much more pleasurable a life is available to you. Parts of the homework are written up and reviewed by Cindy, Alec & Marilyn. Their analysis and insights are presented at the following week's session.

You will find greater affection, fun, intimacy and connection in relationships that are important to you. Whatever your sensual life is, it will improve.

Doing the homework, sharing your experiences in a forum confidential to the students and teachers of the course, having access to the other students' homework, and hearing the observations and commentary from the teachers about your and others' homework, all serve to elevate your life.

Sounds almost too good to be true, but that's what we've found. Some people have found the course so deep and enriching that they are taking the lab for the third & fourth time - the effects keep growing.

You will learn to communicate about difficult topics in a way that will draw you closer to that other person. You will discover how easy it is to have more affectionate relating and a happier outlook on life. The final session of the course wraps up the experience with all your remaining questions addressed. Life will be more sparkly for you.

Read more about the course here.

Sunday With Cindy: Saying Yes to Pleasure

Drawing from her personal research with Vic and subsequently with more of her friends, one of Cindy Baranco's central themes was a reminder that there is a cyclical quality to life's energy. A big wave of energy is surging now that is comparable to, or possibly even larger than, the one that crested in the 60's and early 70's. As that wave ebbed, there was a societal "no" that muted fun inclinations. This new wave of energy provides an opportunity for greater intimacy, love, pleasure, creativity, sensuality, and, in a nutshell, FUN! There is a "yes" where there was a "no". The shift is palpable and continues to be enhanced by the reality we shared in the course.

With her characteristic warmth and humor, Cindy encouraged us to review the decisions made in our past, decisions that were right at the time and served their purpose but may now be out of date and too limiting. We were inspired to approach our lives newly, with an open mind and a willingness to recognize the potential for "yes" and to start a new history of winning responses. Cindy described life as a potentially upward spiral with the your perfection and the beauty of life ever unfolding.

Cindy & Friends offered examples from their personal lives and practical tools for embarking on your own journey in saying yes to pleasure. The buddy system was one such tool: you and your friends stay interested and engaged in one another and together enjoy the adventure of living. The connection that we all want, being known and loved, is available to you by investing your interest and a willingness to say yes.

Students in the course participated in an online forum, being buddies with one another as they allow and pursue the yes in their lives, to experience the pleasure of higher-level games, where you know of your rightness and the rightness of the people you are playing with.

If you find yourself in an upper level game, start playing. Take the lead in having fun whatever the circumstances. In higher level games you remember everyone you are playing with is right. -- Cindy Baranco

Some photos of the experience

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