-Things I've Heard Vic Say


"VAG" and "Cindy & Friends"

Vic referred to himself and his buddies as "Vic and Gang" or VAG. He was the most forward thinking of us and the one most willing to include everyone's viewpoints to find winning solutions to whatever was up for us at the time. His "gang" was really our whole research group but "VAG" was its own ethos. "VAG" most often referred to those people who participated with Vic and Cindy in developing and teaching the More curriculum, producing position papers and helping to set the direction of our research.

Since Vic's death, Cindy has taken Vic's spot at the forefront of our research. She brings her own style to the situation. Vic was a big man, powerfully built, and with a personality to match. He grew up in a culture of "might makes right". Having a "gang" suited him. Cindy, on the other hand, is a tall, slender blond who has lived life as a Morehouser. Her intention is as great as Vic's but is expressed through her gentler personality, and attraction is her way. She would not be a leader of a gang. Thus, we now have "Cindy and Friends". The composition of this smaller group within our community at large varies as is appropriate to the task at hand.

Communities Magazine

Cindy & Friends recently collaborated on and submitted an article to appear in the March, 2011 issue of Communities Magazine expressing attitudes and conclusions arrived at through the research of our group. Cindy's friends for this article are long-term community members, Ilana Firestone, Marilyn Moohr & Judy St. John. After it is published this spring, look for it to appear on this site.