-Things I've Heard Vic Say


Cindy Baranco

"God did his last work on Saturday; it's been Cindy ever since...
oops, I mean Sunday."

- Things I've Heard Vic Say, Volume V

Interviews with Cindy

Cindy Baranco was Vic Baranco's inseparable partner and wife for the last 27 years of his life. Employing their personal exploration, Vic and Cindy wrote the more advanced courses in our curriculum. Since Vic's death Cindy has taken the leadership role in our community, bringing even more fun, love and inspiration to both women and men alike. Her gentle touch, refreshing sense of humor and illuminating perspective on the real issues we confront in life contribute enormously to our ongoing experiment in pleasurable group living.

Get to know Cindy through a series of revealing interviews. Read the first two in the series where she talks about influences throughout her life that help define who she is and how she found Morehouse.
Cindy Who?.
How I Found Morehouse

Don't Quit Before the Miracle

By Cindy Baranco

When life looks its toughest and you hang in, all of what you do becomes energy toward the glory you are going to experience, unless you bail before the miracle. Only if you are judging in terms of winning and losing are you necessarily forced out of a game. That's why I say, "Look for where you are winning in the situation" because it seems too tempting to defend yourself from being found wrong. Don't focus on that. Look to where you are winning. This is what will take you to the next level. There are going to be goodies that will come from putting in all the strokes on your lives. It not only pays off now, but it will pay off later too. Then you might have problems too in handling the pay off. It's a challenge. Thank God life is interesting. It beats the alternative of it being the same old dull stuff every day. Predictable. We are problem solvers and that will continue to be the theme of our lives. I used to think, "Couldn't we just have all the problems solved and think of something else to do?" Then that's just another problem.


By Cindy Baranco

The act of committing to anything, and it doesn't matter what it is, means that you feel that what you have is of value enough to contribute and put in. The putting in of your enthusiastic support — all of it, none held back, just "I'm going for it" — reveals all sorts of energy and clarity on exactly what it is you want.

In the resistance to committing, you don't have that. You don't get all those goodies of clarity and access and energy and direction. And even if you are committing to someone or something who may not be exactly right (but good enough), it's reasonable to commit to it because in the act of committing you'll just get better at it.

And the next time there's a sweet game afoot, you will already have been in the swing of knowing what it's like to commit to something and it won't have to be something you have to think out for the first time when the "right" game is really going.

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