Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


“Fun is the goal, Love is the way” sounds nice, but what does it really mean?

How could you possibly live in today’s complex world and even entertain the notion that fun is the goal, let alone imagine living your life that way? Isn’t fun something you have when all else is handled? Maybe on the weekend after you’ve caught up on the week’s chores...

When Fun Is the Goal… Lab offers a revolutionary approach to living your life with pleasure in mind, no matter the circumstances. With help from inspiring video clips from Vic, Cindy, and Brian, the teachers will describe perspectives to make fun and pleasure a constant in your life, rather than relegated to some small compartment.

The weekly homework assignments will provide practical experience in approaching your life with fun as the goal which will make your days more sparkly, your relationships more intimate, your sense of meaning and contribution more deep.

This course is a roadmap to more fun.

Prerequisites: Basic Sensuality
Consent of Registrar

Recommended: Presentation

Teachers: Marilyn Moohr & Alec Van Sinderen, Ilana Firestone

Currently offered: Five Saturdays, May 2 - 30, 1-4 pm PDT

Tuition: Special for first-time digital version: $1000

Deposit & Balance: $500

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