Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


When Fun Is the Goal

A new course written by Cindy & friends - based on the teachings of Vic Baranco

Fun may seem like a trivial pursuit, but when you think about it, it’s a deep subject. What makes for a fun life? If you chase success are you guaranteed fun? Where do good friends, intimate relationships, gratification, and a life with meaning fit in? What about bad stuff? How do you deal with life’s problems and still have fun? (Hint: Vic says it has something to do with loving.)

In this special one-day course we will talk about how living with the idea that “Fun Is the Goal, Love Is the Way” can afford you the cream of life’s experiences, regardless of the circumstances.

Join us as we explore this life-changing idea, answer your questions, and look ahead at the rest of our lives. As Cindy said, when fun is the goal, the possibilities are limitless.

There are other ways to have enjoyment & pleasure but there is no way to have fun by yourself.
Fun has only to do with the creation, maintenance, and construction of a successful and honorable conspiracy.

Vic Baranco

Cindy & Friends are steeped in writing the new course and have uncovered a treasure trove of material Vic left us to work with. They were so moved and charmed by what he had to say that they decided, for the first time, to include video clips of Vic, Cindy, and Brian into the presentation of this course. We'll let them speak for themselves, in the way only they each can.

Prerequisite: Basic Sensuality
Recommended: Presentation
Tuition: $500

Deposit: $200

Limited seating

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