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June 2010
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Cindy's summer course - is filling up fast!
This course will only be offered this one time, live.
Please let us know if you are interested and we will save you a place

cindyJoin us in discovering where Cindy & friends's research has led.

Cindy noticed and identified a wave of global energy - much like the 60's. Some of us lived through that period and recall the creativity and increased communication.

She will discuss how to capitalize on this opportunity for increased fun and pleasure.

Sunday with Cindy: Saying Yes to Pleasure in 2010, course description:

There is something in the air, the sense of a growing tide of energy and creativity. Years ago Vic predicted this, that there would come another wave similar to the one we caught and rode in the creation of Morehouse. This wave, used deliberately, offers even more opportunities for greater self expression - emotionally, sensually and spiritually. It's not a return to a former time but a new era of optimism and openings. There is a "yes" where there once was a "no."

We are coming out of a period when a primary social goal for women was to solidify their freedom and not be considered sex objects. In order to gratify women rather than offend them, men adjusted their behavior and denied their desires. This resulted in the dampening down of the urges and feelings of both men and women. It was an on-going process that we each manifested in our own unique and perfect way. This "no" limited fun, not only sexually, but in every way. There is a difference now. There is more freedom now for men and women to enjoy connecting with their own desires, more freedom to profoundly connect with others.

Sunday with Cindy: Saying Yes to Pleasure in 2010 offers heightened awareness of the subtle shifts already taking place in your own perceptions and desires so that you can nourish them and have them grow, fully engaging you in the glorious adventure of your life. This is the true essence of "more", whatever your life choices are or have been. Cindy and friends will share the tools they have found for deepening intimacy and an ever increasing experience of pleasure.

Audiences with Cindy
In addition to the new course, Cindy is available for Audiences in Lafayette, CA, July 26 - August 15.

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