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May 2010
"One's self is only fulfilled in the state of being intensely interested."

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Lafayette Morehouse is proud to present Cindy Baranco in a new course on July 25, where she and her friends will share the tools they have found for deepening intimacy and an ever increasing experience of pleasure.

cindyThere is something in the air, the sense of a growing tide of energy and creativity. Years ago Vic predicted this, that there would come another wave similar to the one we caught and rode in the creation of Morehouse. This wave, used deliberately, offers even more opportunities for greater self expression - emotionally, sensually and spiritually. More...
More "More" Courses In California
In the Bay Area, in addition to Cindy's new course, we are happy to present:

Gift of Time: Looking With New Eyes
May 22 & 23,
10-6 pm both days.

Seeing Magic, Saturday, May 29th, 10-6 pm.

Aphrodisia, June 5 & 6, 10-6 pm both days.

Sunday with Cindy: the Crimp, June 13, 10-6 pm.
This course is presented on video - it's the first in the Sunday with Cindy series, originally presented in 2008.

Fundamentals of Sensuality, Saturday, June 19
and also on Monday, July 26, 10-6 pm.
No prerequisites!

Advanced Sensuality
Special mid-week course! Tuesday & Wednesday, July 27 & 28, 10am-10pm both days.

Communication on August 7 & 8 10 am-10 pm both days.
No prerequisites!

Basic Sensuality on August 28 & 29 10 am-10 pm both days.
No prerequisites!

Please check the course schedule for updates and courses in other locations.

We schedule courses according to student desire. If there is a course you want that's not on the schedule - let us know!

Are you interested in having us come speak at your club, place of business, school or other gathering of your choice? The Lafayette Morehouse Speakers Bureau is available for introductory talks on the areas of our research: pleasurable group living, getting along in a group of 2 people or more, sensuality and intimacy. To arrange a speaker please send an email to
Coming Up - A Scheduled Speakers Bureau Event!
Do you have friends who you would like to get to know us? If so, please invite them to "Pleasurable Relationships in an Intentional Community" - or just come yourself. The talk will be on Thursday, June 10, 7 to 9 pm. Admission is $10.

Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley CA 94705

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Judy St. John