Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


How I Found Morehouse

Sierra Moore

I was born and raised in Morehouse. I believe this was completely deliberate on my part. I cann't imagine a better place to have grown up. I moved out when I was 20 to see what the rest of the world was like. I lived in various houses as a renter. After a few years I found a great guy who was living in an intentional community that looked interesting, so I moved in. The people there were very new to group living and things didn't work out. At this point I was finishing college and I knew for sure I wanted to live closer to my family again. I had realized, over the 5 years of living on my own, how much more intimate experiences were available at Morehouse. So, I asked to move back in with my boyfriend Jess. We did an Evaluacy course at the Oakland Morehouse in September of 2007 and it hasn't stopped getting better since!

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