Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


Some Things Brian Made

When Brian took Basic Sensuality from Vic in the late 60's, he realized his own perfection and the brilliance of Vic. He made this drawing of a samurai which he sent to Vic. Vic could tell from it that Brian really understood the concept of perfection (or what Vic had to say.)

Brian Shekeloff

Vic asked Brian to join him and both teach and write for him. Brian accepted and Vic asked him to teach an upcoming Communication course. Brian protested that he had never taken that course. Vic responded, "I never took the courses before I taught them, why should you?" And so began their enduring and profound relationship.

Brian was a very creative person and a master craftsman. He could repair things so well, you would never realize they had ever been broken. Vic and he often collaborated - Vic would have ideas that Brian would then execute.

The Bugatti

Vic and Brian both loved classic cars. Vic asked Brian to make him a "Bugatti" golf cart. Brian, aided by a welder, elongated a golf cart using a bed frame. The new "body" was then covered with a bamboo shade painted purple.

The Rolls

One time Vic gave Brian an old Rolls Royce limousine that arrived on a flatbed truck as a collection of pieces. For a person like Brian who had grown up in a poor section of England, a Rolls was the epitome of having made it. Brian and helpers spent months assembling and restoring the car.

The Mickey Mouse golf cart

After a trip to Jamaica, Vic and Gang went to Disneyworld. Vic and Brian both opted to be pushed around wheel chairs. When "Mickey Mouse" touched Brian, Brian leapt up and exclaimed, "It's a miracle! I can walk!" Mickey and on-lookers were rather stunned. In honor of that "miracle," Vic asked Brian to make a Mickey Mouse cart.

The Tea House

Another time, Brian felt compelled to "do something." Knowing Brian's affection for Japan, Vic suggested that he make a Japanese Teahouse. Brian up to this point had been pretty lame at construction and his most successful project had been converting an orange crate into a bookcase. He outdid himself and created a thing of true beauty.

Tea House Tea House


Brian was a master calligrapher and calligraphy teacher. His calligraphy classes were legendarily all-consuming. If you see any calligraphy around Morehouse, it was very likely done by him or one of his students.

Turn Your Wheels Into the Skid

These are just a few of the things that Brian made.

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